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infection with the novel coronavirus, responsible for causing COVID-19, can occur after contact with contaminated surfaces or objects followed by contact with the nose, eyes or mouth. Regular and thorough disinfection of used living and working areas reduces the risk of viral transmission, a critical step in controlling an outbreak and stopping this contagious threat. Endosan can play an important role here.

SARS-CoV-2 can survive for several hours to even days on surfaces and materials, allowing transmission of the virus to occur when touching the nose, mouth or eyes after coming into contact with contaminated objects. A recent study even showed that the coronavirus can survive up to 28 days in ideal conditions on non-porous surfaces. Systematic disinfection of frequently touched surfaces reduces the risk of contracting the disease and further spread of the virus. Endosan 3 can lend a hand here, because the product fights the new corona virus in an efficient way. Endosan 3 is a widely applicable surface disinfectant based on a liquid solution of 3% stabilized hydrogen peroxide.

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